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Where to hide your painted rocks ?

Hiding places for painted rocks

The Fb-Rocks game is a mix of "Geocaching" and "Love on the rocks " or "Kindness rocks". Try to find the best hiding places so that only players can find them and therefore give you news 👌. Here is a small photo gallery that may inspire you to hide your creations !

Near to plants or trees

At the foot of plants or shrubs

Au pied de végétaux

In tree trunks

Cachette dans des troncs

Behind vines or branches

Cachette derrière des lianes ou des branches

In town

Behind traffic signs

Cachette derrière des panneaux de signalisationCities are full of superb, original and varied hiding places. Therefore, it is necessary to favor small or mini-rocks 😉

Cachette dans le mobilier urbain

Under urban equipment

Cachette sous des équipements urbains

Behind urban equipment

Cachette derrière des équipements urbains

In holes

Cache dans des trous en ville

A bit high...

Cache en hauteur

Behind gutters

Cache derrière des gouttières

Hiding places around stones

We can use stones or other objects to hide your painted rocks.

Cache derrière des pierres

Painted rocks can also be hidden in walls. Be careful not to push them too far otherwise you can't recover them (my own experience with mini-rocks... 😂🤣)

Cache dans des trous de murs

There are thousands of hiding ideas. You can start with rather simple hiding places such as holes in the wall or behind traffic signs. Then you can try to find more complex or original ones for other finders 😉.

Have you found the perfect hiding place ?

All you have to do is register your rock then go to "my account / my rocks / modify my rock" to enter the geolocation and put the photo of the clue.

Would you rather seek than hide ?

Fb-Rocks is like a treasure hunt or geocaching, but with painted rocks 🎨. You can search for hidden treasures around you by clicking on this link. There aren't any yet ? You can launch the game around you and the adventure can begin 🥳😉🥳 !!!

Fb-Rocks treasure hunt for free






Published : 2023-01-08

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