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Rock painting designs for beginners

Drawing easy to do on rock

Are you looking for ideas that are simple enough to get started ? Then this page is for you ! There are two galleries that you may also like : rocks for kids  and easy rocks 😉



Clixk here to see the ladybug star !!!

Ladybugs are very easy to paint on rocks and their shape lends itself really well ! You only need 3 colors. Wait until the red and black are completely dry before painting the dots, the antennas, the eyes and the mouth. If you like this model, we have made a little tutorial for you on this page

Galet peint coccinelle


Here are some examples of easy cat drawing ideas :

Easy Cat Drawing Ideas on rock

Here is a Step-by-step guide to paint a cat. Little advice : don't do like me, paint the background first before the details 😉.

Comment dessiner un chat ?

Do you love cats and do you want to paint them ? Click on this link to go to our cat gallery   !


Sharks are ideal for your slightly pointed rocks. You only need grey, red, white and black. Here are two models, it's up to you to make them more terrifying 😱😉i

Tutoriel pour peindre un requin

The Fox

This model is perfect because the fox occupies the entire surface of the rock :

How to draw a fox on a rock easy step by step


Tutorial to paint a swan :

Tutorial to paint a swan on rock

Learn how to make two small birds from a heart

Easy birds drawing on rock

And here are some very simple models to start !

Easy birds drawing step-by-step for kids

Natasha Dienes has painted other animals : cows, sheeps, pigs, dogs and cats, you decide !

Animals on rock - Rock painting


Treasure Hunt Fb-Rocks

The Funny Characters


The Barbapapas are rounded colorful characters, of perfect shape for our painted rocks !!!

Barbapapa sur galet  Lyl Créations

Here are other models, this time adding a few accessories, It's up to you!

Modèle de Barbapapa pour galets peints

Among us

Here is Céline Michamble's tutorial to paint Among Us. You can change the colors or add details, There are lots of cute models on the internet.

Among us

"Love Bugs"

Inspired by Rock Painting 101, a great Rock Painting Page 👍

Insectes d'amour


This is a great idea for painting your broken rocks, try making M&M's!


m&m's sur galet peint

Funny Heads

Follow this link if you want to see the gallery of funny characters !!!

Têtes rigolotes sur galet

Other simple ideas

Moustache or Eyebrows ???

Here’s a simple tutorial to draw a funny face... moustache or eyebrows 🤷‍♂️ ?

Moustache ou sourcils ?


Pebbles that shine

Want to make the sun come out? Draw it on a pebble 🌞 !

Easy sun drawings - Rock Painting

Abstract painting

If you are not a painter, you can start with rocks with abstract patterns. We have made you a gallery with colorful models.

Here are some examples :

Galets peints abstraits

If you want to see Halloween 🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️☠👻 tutorials, it's over here !

If you want to see Christmas tutorials 🌲☃🎅, it's more there 😉 !


Published : 2024-06-17

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