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Innovative entertainment at Regal Tendance

Regal Tendance

FB-Rocks is an original and fun promotional tool

Regal Tendance animated its Facebook page and launched an original game before the holidays thanks to Fb-rocks website. 5 painted rocks were created with the chocolatier's logo and were hidden in Orange. Players must hunt them to benefit from an interesting discount on a box of chocolate : an ideal game for gourmets !!!

Facebook Publication  :

Regal Tendance communicated on Facebook and Instagram to launch the event :

Hello to all !! We are launching a little game to wait before the holidays. We have hidden 5 "Regal Tendance" rocks for you in the city center of Orange. If you find a rock, enter that you found it on the site Come back to the store with this rock and we'll give you 15% off a "Natura Cacao" ballotin before December 15th.

Here are the links to see the location of the rocks :

Good luck to you 🤗🌈🎨🎅!!!

Hidden Rocks :

Original promotional tool

Published : 2022-12-01

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