Who are we ?

How did the idea for Fb-Rocks come about?

Quite simply… we play a lot at hiding painted pebbles. We are a group of friends, we love to paint pebbles and make travel those we find on our family walks. We find the concept really nice to give pleasure to children (and adults too!). But little by little, our children started to get a little frustrated at not hearing from their rocks, they no longer wanted to play ...

  • "Has another child adopted them? "
  • "Have they traveled? "
  • "Where are they now? "

It's true that it's a little frustrating ...

Even looking on facebook, we couldn't find our rocks. There are a multitude of groups, there are thousands of publications and it becomes impossible when our rocks go abroad ...

So we had the idea of creating a unique reference that would make it easier to follow our rocks.

What is this reference?

Initially, we wanted to create a QR-Code but that involved printing on paper and glue and we don't want to put any on the rocks. It was our son who came up with the idea of a kind of license plate, a unique reference made up of letters and numbers… Fb-Rocks was born!

OK… how does it work?

When your rock is finished, you take a picture of it and register it on the FB-Rocks site. The site gives you a reference (type # 65A2) that you must copy on the back of your pebble before varnishing it. That's it !


How can you follow your rocks with this reference?

It is very simple. When someone discovers your rock, they go to the Fb-rocks.com site, enter the reference and a message is sent to the creator of the rock. The finder can even send him a postcard with a little message and a photo. The advantage is that the site is bilingual, we can now find our rocks left abroad.

Can he even send a postcard?

Yes, the finder can easily send a postcard to the creator of the pebble from the site.

I can tell you that receiving a real postcard with the photo of your rock in its letterbox, it does something ... especially for children!


What do we find on your site ?

In this website you will find everything you need to paint traveler rocks and have fun !

In the "How to play" tab, you will find :

- The principle of the game that describes the concept of this international game

- - The FbRocks advantage : tracking your rocks and your finds on a map , receiving mail or postcards from the finders, ...

- Facebook groups that take over the main facebook groups in the world

- Social networks that give interesting tips for using Fb-Rocks

In the "How to prepare my rock" tab, you will find :

Step-by-step : main steps to paint a rock

- Painting supplies and equipment (acrylic paint, markers, varnishes) ;

- Tutorials to help you paint your rocks