How to prepare my rock


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Tutorials for kids

How to create a rock easily with tape ?

This nice tutorial shows you how to make your first rock with your children with just a rock, tape and paint. To test !

Video Scotch

Monster to draw with children

Game inspired by a game by Céline Michamblé to draw small monsters on rocks with children. You need :

  • A dice 🎲
  • Rocks (or sheets of paper)
  • Acrylic marker 🖍

You can play alone, with family or other friends ! The more the merrier 🥳🥳🥳 !

Principle :

You throw your dice for each part of the monster’s body and you reproduce the drawing on your rock At the end of the 6 throws, your funny monster is created ! Just color it !!

Game with dices to draw paint monsters for children

How to draw a giraffe ?

Learn how to make a giraffe from the letter H


How to draw a cat ?

Learn to paint a cat from the number 61. Follow the guide , I am sure you will make a cat more beautiful than me 😉

Video youtube tuto chat

Tutorials for beginners

Moustache or eyebrow ???

Here’s a simple tutorial to draw a funny face... moustache or eyebrow🤷‍♂️ ?

Moustache or eyebrow ?

Simple Polka Dot Kindness Rocks

Check out his super simple kindness rock painting idea! These polka dot word rocks are easy to make to leave around town. They make great random acts of kindness!  (tutorial from Rock Painting 101) !

Kindness rock

How to draw Angry Birds on rocks / pebbles ?

Je vous conseille de peindre le fond de votre galet en noir avant de faire le dessin, il ressortira beaucoup mieux !

Video Angry Birds

How to draw a little mouse ?

Learn how to make a little mouse from the numbers 8 and 2.


How to draw a monkey ?

Learn how to make a monkey from the numbers 2 and 3.


How to draw lovely birds ?

Learn how to make two small birds from a heart

Tutoriel pour peindre des oiseaux amoureux sur galet

How to draw a dog from six O ?

How to draw a dog - painted rocks

Adhesive Technique

Here is a clever adhesive technique to make different rocks 👌

Creative mamy

Tutorials for confirmed

How To Draw A 3D Hole - Anamorphic Illusion

How To Draw A 3D Hole

How to paint an owl ?

Galet by Céline Michamble who agreed to share her step-by-step tutorial to make an owl on a rock. A big thank you to her !

Video owl for rock painting

Paint pouring tutorial

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at paint pouring, perhaps this tutorial will inspire you to try something new! Each Kindness Rock becomes a unique canvas for your inspiration ❤️

Video Pouring

Butterfly using sponge

Step by Step Acrylic Butterfly Painting Using Sponge / Shade effect Painting / by Rico Art ❤️

Tutorial butterfly with sponge

3D Heart

Coeur 3D

Impress yourself by creating one of these fun 3D hearts !!

How to paint waves ?

Creating beach painted rocks can be intimidating. But with a few tips and a little patience, you can paint a beautiful beach scene. I hope you give this one a try!


Acrylic Rose

Learn to draw a one Stroke Acrylic Rose on a Stone, a rock or a pebble.  Easy Step by Step Tutorial. Basic Flat Brush Strokes.

Rose acrylique

Tutorials for Picasso

How to make a pumpkin for Halloween ?

Video Rico Art pumpkin

Video Rico Art pumpkin2