How to play

Paint, hide and track !

An easy game that spreads happiness

Do you know "Love on the rocks" or « kindness rocks project » ? 

The principle is very easy : paint the rock 🎨, varnish it, leave it somewhere for another person to find and enjoy ! As we all know, sometimes a simple message of love and compassion can spark joy and brighten someone's entire day 😍😍😍 . 

This game can be played on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or without social network. You can consult the main Facebook groups by country in the "Facebook groups" page.

Why Fb-Rocks ?

With Fb-rocks, you can easily give a unique reference to your rock in order to have news of it. Even if the finder doesn't speak your language, doesn't know the game, doesn't connect on social networks, or doesn't want to join your group, you can always follow the journey of your rock 🥳🥳🥳 and even receive a postcard from the finders 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 ! You will find in the page Who are we? the origin of this beautiful adventure.

You paint a rock

This is what you will need : 

  • Rocks
  • Acrylic paint 🎨
  • Acrylic paint pens (Posca or Flysea felt tips work well)
  • A sealer in order to protect your creation for a long time

envoi carte postale

You can consult the Step-by-Step page to know more precisely how to paint a rock and above all, don't forget to write the Fb-Rocks reference on the back of your rock before sealing it !

You find or hide a rock

You can set your rock in a visible way or hide your creation a little better. If you want your rock to be found quickly, you can give your friends clues (on a Facebook group or other) so that those who live nearby can go hunting 🔎.

We advise you not to deposit painted rocks in the following places :

  • private residences or businesses
  • national parks 🏞
  • cemeteries or war monuments
  • lawns to prevent injury to staff who maintain green spaces
  • dangerous places (edge of cliffs, too high, ...)

Hide a rock

The destiny of your rock is now in the hands of whoever finds it. You may or may not have news. In any case, you have the power to make someone's day with the kind messages you write 😍 !

Do you want to hunt a painted rock ?

A quick click on "I’m looking for rocks" and you’ll see the rocks hidden around the world. Your own rocks appear in transparent mauve and those of other players in dark mauve. By clicking on the rock, a thumbnail will appear : 

thumbnail painted rock

If you can’t find the rock, simply click on “Read more” and you will be able to view the text and photo clues if the hider has entered them.

 Clue for hunting rock

Oh no !  Despite the clues, the rock is nowhere to be found?

It must have been taken by someone who didn’t have internet 😉 Remember to click on “Rock not to be found" button to update the database 👍👍👍 for the others players. 

 Rock not to be found

If you like the game, jump on the first rock you see 🤗 and come and play with us 🤩🥳🤩 !

You found a rock

You can keep the rock or you can make it travel. In any case, it’s really nice 👍👍👍 to tell the creator where you found his / her rock. If he put a reference on the back of his rock, you can enter it on this website to tell him that you found it. You can even send him a postcard to thank him 📮 !


If he didn't put a reference, he may have put the name of his Facebook group on the back of the rock and you can tell him that you found his rock by connecting to his Facebook group.