How to play


The site is secure and 100% free and we expect it to remain that way !!!

You will be able to access your created and found pebbles in your lifetime account.

Viewing created and found rocks

With Fb-Rocks, you can visualize the location of your referenced rocks in the world.

Map rocks pebbles

With Fb-Rocks, you can view all your finds in the world (for Fb-Rocks referenced rocks).

My finds map rocks pebbles painting

In the "my rocks" or "my finds" section, you just have to click on the thumbnail of the rock to access its entire life:

  • its itinerary
  • the distances traveled
  • the nicknames of all the finders

Painted rock information

FB-rocks warns you when your rocks are traveling or are found

If a lucky person finds your rock, even if they are not on facebook or don't speak your language, they can tell you that they found your rock simply on this site. You will then receive an email. Follow the link to learn more. You will also receive an email when the finder hides your rock. No need to spend hours in front of your screen hoping to see your creations appear on Facebook 👍🙏👍 ! Even when you no longer connect to Facebook, you will keep in touch with your painted rocks 😉

 Email when your rock is found

To support us, you can send a postcard. It will help us finance the costs of accommodation and above all you will give postal happiness to the creator 😉

Rock hunting

Clicking on "I'm looking for rocks", you can search for all the rocks hidden around you. It's like a treasure hunt or geocaching, but with painted rocks 😉. If there are no rocks around you yet, you can start hiding some, you just need to be two fb-rockers in an area to have fun 👍🌈  !!! We started with 2 accounts in the family 😂🤣

Rock hunting