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Do you know the Quilt Rocks ?

Collaborative rocks

What is a Quilt Rock ?

When you find a Quilt Rock, paint and seal a square then hide it again ! To seal just one square, lay a piece of newspaper or cardboard over the empty area before spraying. Or, if the clear seal gets on a blank square, just paint it anyway. 

It’s really fun if everybody participates, It’s the challenge to make it live as long as possible and keep up to date !

A Quilt Rock can take several forms : a flower with petal, a drawing with only the contours, a puzzle, bands to color, geomtric shape ...

Quilt Rock example

Like a puzzle

Quilt rock puzzle

Geometric shape

Quilt Rocks

There are plenty of cool models. Do not hesitate to send us your Quilt rocks before/ after filling so that we show them in this news ! To send them to us, you can use the contact form 😉


Would you like to follow your Quilt Rock ?

You can use the FB-Rocks reference and you will receive an email when your Quilt Rock travels 😉

You can follow this link if you want to prepare your Quilt Rock


Published : 2021-10-06

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