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Delphine DUMON is an artist who does not take herself seriously

Painted rocks Delphine DUMON

Member of the French Facebook group "Les fous du Galet" since August 2021 and the administrator of a more local group "Fous du galet Sud-Ouest" with "Mini Colibri" and Camille, Delphine DUMON takes over works by artists and illustrators (thanks to them 🥰) and expresses her talent by alternating between delirious humor and gorgeous rocks.

From illustrations by Banksy, Delphine Dumon made beautiful rocks to denounce the war in Ukraine 💙💛💙.

Galets contre la guerre en Ukraine

She painted sublime chicks sometimes sexy, sometimes a little crazy or ultra zen.

Filles sexy sur galet

Crazy, funny and endearing animals :

Animaux drôles sur galet

Diversions of unique and offbeat works :

Galet humoristique Lapin crétin Dali

During the Halloween period, her painted rocks are so WOW 👻💖👻!!Galets peints d'Halloween de Delphine Dumon

On the top right : "Guys, I forgot my sheet but I'm here" / On the bottom right : "You came home easily today !"

It's almost winter... we keep smiling with her very comforting rocks 🎅 !!

Winter Painted rocks

And her rocks under the theme of love are very touching.

Galet peint thème amour Delphine DUMON

On the top right : "What you feed grows" / On the bottom left : "It's not much but it's all I have"

And the best for the end, humorous rocks, we love it 👍🤗👍 !!!

Galets humoristiques animaux

On the top middle : "What a dumb idea this tongue piercing is !" / On the top right : "Sorry, I have cold hands..." / On the bottom left : "You're dumb" / On the bottom right : "Dumb !"

Galets humoristiques Delphine DUMON

On the top right : "Just admit that we're lost !" / On the bottom left : "PANIC !" / On the bottom right : "Balanced Diet"

If Delphine DUMON made you want to paint rocks, you will find in the step-by-step section how to paint your rock 🌈🎨🌈!


Published : 2022-11-19

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