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Main events in October for painted rocks

Painted rock hunting in october

In October, the days get shorter, but the opportunities to create and marvel get longer !

List of the main events of October :

  • October is known worldwide as the month in which actions occur related to the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer

 drawing ideas for pink october

  • 1st october : International Music Day - IMC
  • 1st october : World Vegetarian Day
  • 1st october : International Coffee Day
  • 2nd october : World Farm Animals Day
  • 2nd october : World Smile Day
  • 2nd october : International Day of Non-Violence
  • 4th october : World Animal Day
  • 5th october : World Teacher's Day
  • 5th october : World Habitat Day
  • 5th october : World Architecture Day
  • 11th october: International Day of the Girl Child
  • 13th october : World Sight Day
  • 14th october : World egg day
  • 15th october : Global Handwashing Day
  • 16th october : World Food Day
  • 17th october : Anti Poverty Day
  • 24th october : United Nations Day
  • 28th october : International Animation Day

 International Animation Day painted rocks

  • 31th october : Halloween

Some themes for October : 

  • Words starting with O
  • Red color
  • Autumn
  • Travel
  • Sky
  • Halloween (witch, Frankenstein, pumpkin, gargoyle, bat, skull, ...). If you want to see Halloween tutorials, it's over here 🥳
  • OOPS

Do you want to play with painted rocks ?

Fb-Rocks is like a treasure hunt or geocaching, but with painted rocks 🎨 You can looking for painted rocks around you by clicking on this link. There aren’t any yet ? You can hide your rocks with clues and if there is another player joining you, the adventure can begin 🥳😉🥳 !!

Published : 2023-09-29

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