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Mother's Day 2024 : drawing and gift ideas

Idée de dessin facile pour la fête des mères

Why not give your mum a rock painted with a heart 💝? Here are some patterns and tutorials to inspire you ! You will find other ideas in the Love Heart tenderness Gallery 😉

We'll give you a tip to make this moment really original: hide your gift and organize a mini-treasure hunt for your mum to discover her gift!!!

Create painted rocks for your mom

Paint simple and cute drawings

Children's drawings are so adorable... To reassure themselves, children can make the model beforehand on a piece of paper before doing it on the rock.

A gift for you drawing

Write LOVE / I LOVE YOU in different forms

Dessin facile pour la fête des mères

Painted rocks with lots of colors 💞💛💖💗💝 !

Here are some Love Rocks by Pocketpebbledesigns. You can vary the colors. They make great Mum gifts !

Galets peints Saint Valentin PocketPebbleDesigns

Tutorial for a colorful heart

Dessin d'un coeur sur galet

How to draw a love letter for your mom ?

Here is a little tutorial to teach you how to draw a letter that contains lots of hearts !

Dessin d'une lettre avec des coeurs pour la fête des mères

Write "I love you" in beautiful handwriting

Did you paint a great rock ? Do you want to write "I love you" on it ? Here are some examples of beautiful handwriting :

Calligraphy Beautiful Handwriting I love you

And now "Happy Mother's Day" 🥰💝🥰 !

Happy Mother's Day beautiful handwriting

Do you want to hide your rock and organize a mini treasure hunt for your mom ?

Nothing could be simpler, here's how to do it from scratch (if you don't have an Fb-Rocks account):

  • Click on this link to create your account (it's free): enter your email, a password then click on "Create my account".
  • You will receive an email (perhaps in spam...). You just have to click on the activation link contained in this email.
  • Click on "I'm registering my rock", take a picture of your rock or a "Happy Mother's Day" image so that the gift remains a surprise. Fb-Rocks will give you a reference that you can write on the back of the rock if you want to take it around the world later.
  • To hide your rock, you can do it when registering your rock (previous step) or in the section My account / My rocks / Modify my rock (under the map).
  • Once your rock is hidden, you can send the link to your mom by clicking on this button :

Partage de galets

  • This button is located to the right of your rock's thumbnail in My account / My rocks. 

I hope you found this page useful to make an original gift to your mom 🥰 !!!

Published : 2024-05-23

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