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Drawing tutorials for your Easter Rocks

Pikachu Drawing for Easter

Do you want a unique and deliciously funny decoration for Easter ? Try painting Easter rocks, your guests will be amazed 🌈🤗🤩!

Below are tutorials for painting Easter rocks categorized by level of difficulty. You will also find many models in the gallery. To see them, click here 😉.

Tutorials for kids

How to draw a bunny from an oval and a two ?

Comment dessiner un lapin en maternelle ?

Tutorials for beginners

How to paint a bunny on a carrot ?

Dessin facile d'un lapin sur une carotte pour Pâques

How to paint an Easter Egg?

The pebbles are the perfect shape to paint an Easter egg ! Follow the guide and let your imagination run with colors and patterns !

Dessin oeuf de Pâques facile

Tutorials for confirmed

How to write "Happy Easter" with beautiful handwriting ?

Here are some ideas for writing "Happy Easter" 🤗🤗🤗 :

Simple beautiful handwriting Happy Easter

Do you want to play with painted rocks ?

Fb-Rocks is like a treasure hunt or geocaching, but with painted rocks 🎨 You can looking for painted rocks around you by clicking on this link. There aren’t any yet ? You can hide your rocks with clues and if there is another player joining you, the adventure can begin 🥳😉🥳 !!

Free Treasure hunt for adults

Published : 2023-03-01

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