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Representation of the Nativity and Nativity Scene in rocks

Mary Pitzeri

Damien Luce wrote "If flint is the stone of war, the pebble is that of love, polished by the waters of tenderness." So if the pebble is the stone of love, why not paint them to make an original nativity scene 🥰 ?

When painted rocks become santons

We can make a nativity scene with only Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Placed on a plaster stand with a candle, this makes a perfect Christmas table decoration.

Crèche de Stéphanie Papens

Making a nativity scene with rocks is a great DIY activity to do with your children. They Could play with santons and you won't be afraid that they will break them.

Nativity est with painted rocks

Then you can balance your rocks with straw or coloured powder.

Nativity set on rocks

Valeria Modica CR=rèche en galet

Darča Krčmářová la nativité sur galet peint

Adapting to the shape of each rock allows you to let your creativity speak. As each rock is unique, you will have a unique nativity scene !

Nath Copin2 Crèche en galets peints

Animals can be replaced by original characters such as gnomes or elves as this Patricia Muel's creation :

Original nativity scene with gnomes

Here is something beautiful you can achieve when you add 1+1+1 ...

Nathalie Pierret-Daniel Crèche originale

Representation of the Nativity on a rock

Some artists prefer to represent the nativity on a single rock. Some easy ideas : 

Easy drawing nativity scene

More difficult paintings : 

Dana Lopez Nativity scene on pebble

Rock painting nativity scene

Laura Townsend Kane nativity scene on rocks

You can buy Laura's Rocks on Etsy.  Elizabeth J Wass Nativity painted rock

Cindi Riley Christmas Art

Stone Nativity Scene

Here is an amazing Nativity Scene made in Ventura Beach. California

Artiste Juan Manuel Cisneros scène de la nativité sur la plage de Ventura

Non-religious creations

A Star Wars creation

Star wars nativity set

And a Snow White and the Seven dwarfs creation !

Snow White and the Steven dwarfs nativity set

Published : 2023-12-11

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