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Activities for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Paris 2024 Olympic Games animation

In 2024, Paris is hosting the Olympic Games 🥳! Welcome to the "Olympic Pebbles" from the Fb-Rocks players 👏🤗👏.

On this page, you'll find inspiration for your creations to celebrate the Paris 2024 Olympics!!!! Get out your rocks and paintbrushes!

Some tutorials

Here are a few tutorials for creating unique Olympic rocks. From Olympic rings to sports motifs, I hope you'll find what you're looking for 🤞

Olympic rings for Paris 2024

Treasure hunt game for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

To draw the Olympic rings with regular circles, you can use everyday objects as guides (bottle caps, coins, jar lids) or use a round stencil.

Next, we recommend you start with the black ring in the middle. Draw the blue circle on the left and the red circle on the right. Leave to dry well. Next, you can work on the intersecting circles. For example, draw the orange below the blue, above the black, below the black and finally above the blue. The same logic applies to the green circle. That's it, you've painted your Olympic rings for Paris 2024!

Olympic rings Paris 2024 drawing tutorial


The Olympic flame

This is a fairly simple tutorial. You'll need to wait for the orange and blue to dry well before adding the yellow to make the flames and torch.

Drawing of the Paris 2024 Olympic flame

Olympic models

The balloons

Our pebbles are ideal for drawing balloons. The roundest rocks can be transformed into footballs, basketballs, volleyballs or tennis balls, while the more oval rockss can become beautiful rugby balls !

Paris 2024 Drawing of a ball on a rock

Olympic sports

Drawing of Olympic sports

It's easy to draw all the Olympic sports on rocks. There are around a hundred cool designs on Google images or sites like Freeimages or Istockphoto. Don't hesitate to send us your creations !

 Sports design for Paris 2024

Who are the torchbearers ?

From May 2024, 11,000 torchbearers will take turns celebrating the arrival of the Games in France. After being lit in Olympia, Greece, the Olympic Flame will begin its journey at sea aboard the Belem, a majestic three-masted ship sailing from Attica to Marseille. The Olympic Torch Relay will illuminate France, highlighting its territories, both on the continent and in the Overseas Territories, so that everyone has the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Flame.

Rocks in honour of torchbearers

Discover the rocks painted in tribute to Laetitia Clabé - Levère , president of the Association "Des étoiles dans la mer, vaincre le glioblastome" selected to carry the Olympic flame.

Laetitia Clabé - Levère stars in the sea association

Share your creations

You can take part in Paris 2024 in your own way by creating and hiding Olympic rocks 🥳 . So that we can incorporate them into this page, you can tag them with the hashtag #Fbrocksparis2024 😊.

Vous voulez organiser une chasse au trésor et vous voulez un coup de pouce ? Peut-être que cette page pourra vous aider 🤗

Published : 2024-06-18

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