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Pat Patrouille Cars Marsupilami and Disney on rock- Hanna Belkius

Hanna Belkius'message :

I found my first painted rock in January 2020 by chance in a forest. It was marked on the back CH-Rocks. Not knowing the Group and the concept of the game, I don't take the rock with me. At home, I searched on the internet and I discovered the principle of the game : I loved it !! A few days later, I started painting on rocks ... Now I painted 1500 rocks !!!

I like rocks in puzzle form and rocks out of the ordinary... When I finish painting, I place my creations anywhere in Switzerland or make a gift for a person.

Hanna Belkius' imagination knows no bounds. Follow us in her world, you’ll be amazed 🤩🤩🤩 !!!

Cartoons : 

Dessins animés sur galet peints

Small monsters :

Monstres peints sur galet

The characters of Paw patrol : 

Pat Patrouille sur galet

The unmissable Marsupilami 🥰 :

Marsupilami peint sur galet

Mischievous blue hippos : 

Hippopotame bleu peint sur galet

Fluorescent painted rocks : 

Galets fluorescents

Great puzzle rocks :

Galet peint puzzle

or wonderful pebbles on a white background :

Galet peint avec fond blanc

Do you want to play with painted rocks ?

Here are the main steps to paint a rock. You can also create an account to follow your rock around the world 😉 or click here if you want to look for painted rocks hidden around you 🔎



Published : 2022-04-28

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