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Let's go for summer !

Painted rocks - summer

On this page you will find the main holiday events for the month of July. 

List of the main events of July : 

  • 2nd July : World Sports Journalists Day
  • 3rd July : International Plastic Bag Free Day  
  • 4th July : American Independence day
  • 11th July : World Population Day
  • 15th : World Youth Skills Day
  • 17th July : World Day for International Justice
  • 17th July : World Emoji dayPainted Rocks : emojis
  • 18th July : International Nelson Mandela Day
  • 20th July : World Chess Day
  • 28th July : World Nature Conservation Day
  • 29th July International Tiger Day
  • 30th July International Friendship Day

Some themes for July :

  • Beach: sunglasses, parasol, flip flops, buoysGalets peints - thème plage
  • Words beginning with J
  • Colour: Green
  • Sport: pedal boat, kayak, water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, windsurfing
  • Tour de France
  • Cocktail/Ice Cream
  • Camping/ Motorhome
  • Sun, summer, holidaysPainted rocks : summer

Do you want to play with painted rocks ?

You can looking for painted rocks around you by clicking on this link. There aren’t any yet ? You can hide your rocks with clues and if there is another player joining you, the adventure can begin 🥳😉🥳 !!

Published : 2023-06-29

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