News of the rocks

Natasha Dienes, an artist that gives life to rocks

Original rocks smartphone train shoes russian doll

Natasha Dienes transforms rocks by painting them according to their shapes : a smartphone truer than life, sneakers or Russian dolls. She doesn’t know her limits !

poire et fraise sur galets peints

They say don't put all your eggs in one basket. Does that go for fruit n' veg too? 🤔

Légumes sur galets peints trompe l'oeil

Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, vegan. Not suitable for teeth 😉

Sucrerie sur galet peint trompe l'oeil

Natasha Dienes also paints beautiful and colorful hippie vans that invite us to travel.

Voiture van sur galets peints

 She also creates painted rocks representing animals that can happily decorate your garden to give it a touch of fun and fantasy 👌 !

Galet peint pour décoration jardin coccinelles

Would you like to discover Elvira Sipos who reproduced on rocks animal photos from Vadim Trunov 🥰 ?

Published : 2021-12-01

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