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Painted rocks for Matteo Motyl

Painted rocks for Matteo Motyl

"The singing stones - Les pierres qui chantent"

"The singing stones - Les pierres qui chantent" is a movement that Mattéo Motyl's mother initiated in memory of her son, a young pedestrian killed by a driver last October, when he was about to turn 19...

Mattéo loved to travel and that's why his mother asked his friends, acquaintances and the circle of painted rocks to place a stone when they travel in order to perpetuate the memory of his son all over the world...Mattéo Motyl Les pierres qui chantent

Message from Frédérique Claude Crouzet, Mattéo's mother

If you plan to contribute to this channel, please write on the stone :

  • Front side : Motyl Mattéo 12/11/2002 26/10/2021
  • ON the back : the name of my Facebook profile "fb: Frédérique Claude Crouzet"

With a drawing it is even better especially a butterfly because Motyl means butterfly in Polish. Then after dropping it off, take pictures of the place and the rock and send them to me via Messenger and I will publish them.

Thanking you in advance whatever your answer 🌟

In memory of my son ❤️

Be happy and enjoy life 💕🎶".

Mattéo continues to travel thanks to you 💖

At the Castelet golf course, on the island of Oléron, at the port of Bourgenay or Poussai, in Perpignan and even at Disneyland, ...

Mattéo Motyl France

In the creeks of Piana, in Chamonix, Evian-les-Bains, or at Lac du Sautet ⛰ ...

Mattéo Motyl Montagne

In Italy in Rome, Bari or Lecco, ...

Mattéo Motyl Italie

In paradise islands in Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Maldives, Santorini or Mallorca 🏝...

Mattéo Motyl les îles

In Belgium, Thailand, Canada, Turkey, Viet Nam and even New York ✈

Mattéo around the world

All the rocks could not be put on this page because there are hundreds of you to send rocks for Mattéo Motyl. You can follow on the profile of Frédérique Claude Crouzet and on that of Mattéo Motyl all the rocks that sing for him 💕.

Published : 2022-04-09

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