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Beach4Art or how to share a positivity and smile

Santa Claus Beach4art Devon UK

Despite the unwelcome weather condition:  irritating sandy storms, bitterly  northern winds and chilly temperature,  challenging ourselves, they made it !

Beach4Art presentation

Beach4Art are family of 4 who makes different beach art projects. They are inspired by beautiful nature that's all around us in Devon, UK 👍💕👍. And they are happy to share a positivity 🥰 and smile 😊, to raise the spirit and support Wellbeing.

Here are some of their works on the theme of Christmas 

Rudolph, the Red nose Reindeer : Beach4Art un renne sur la plageA Christmas angel :Ange  de Noël sur plage Beach4art

Nativity - the first Christmas ❤💕❤La Nativité Art de galet sur plage

Inspired by their favourite Christmas animation :  The Snowman and the Snowdog at Sandymere Beach ⛄☃⛄The snowman and the snowdog Beach4Art

Christmas Bells - Jingle Bells 🎶🎵🎶Christmas bells jingle bells beach4art beach

and a beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas free Beach4art

Here is an extract of their other creations, each more beautiful than the other.

Even Elizabete, their 11 year-old daughter, is a budding designer ! Admire the Pikachu she made !

Pikachu on the beach - Beach4art

The Shaun The Sheep, Bitzer and Timmy from Shaun The Sheep Movie 🥰🥰🥰

Shaun The Sheep

The Mother's knot ❤, Tree of Life ❤️ or creation for Valentine's day 💕💖💕

Beach4art creations

Somes creations for Ukraine 💛💙🙏💛💙 : Dove of peace, National flower of Ukraine- Sunflower. 🌻

Creations for Ukraine

Some Lotus flower mandalas 😮

Beach4art lotus flower

They love cats 😺🐈😺 !

Beach4art Cats

Marine life creations : The Orca’s calling, Baby Sea Turtles, Thornback Ray, The Cod and The Plaice 🌊

Marine world Beach4art

Or Wildlife creations, a celebration to a life on our planet, raising awareness about threatened and endangered plants and animals.

Various animals Beach4art

The Paddington Bear🐻 : "Thank you Ma’am, for everything" ! A wonderful and poignant tribute to the Queen... Made at Sandymere beach on 11/09/2022

Paddington says thank you for everything - Queen Elisabeth

You can see all their creations 🤩🤩🤩 on their Facebook Page. They made fabulous A3 Calendars 2023 (selling in their etsy shop 🌞)

One “ The Sunset” with 34 images in and other one “The Flowers’ spiral” with 31 images in. Hoping raise the money for CHSW charity.

Beach4art Calendar

Do you like to play with rocks ? It's so fun 👍 ! You can look at this page to play with us like treasure hunting 👍🧐👍

Published : 2022-09-26

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