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How to create a Shortcut on your Smartphone ?

Access with a simple "tap", like an app? It's possible !

1. Open the Google Chrome application

2. Go to

3. Press the three small dots in the upper right corner

4. Select "Add to Home Screen."

Yes !!! You have created a shortcut that appears as an app on your mobile. So cool! 🥳🥳


Can a rock be modified ?

Yes, if you have a duplicate or a rock to modify, you can modify it in the "my rocks" section as long as it has not been found. All fields are then editable : name, description and photo.

Can we enter the clues after the rock has been created ?

When you hide your rock, all you have to do is go to "my account / my rocks", look for the thumbnail of your rock (the most recent and those that have moved appear first) and click on "Modify". You can double-click on the map to give the location of the hiding place and enter text and/or photo clues. Remember to activate geolocation on your phone so that the map is centered on you 👍

How to access the clues to find a painted rock ?

You can view the clues if you have a Fb-Rocks account. On the search map, if you click on a rock, a thumbnail will appear with the photo of the rock to be found. If you are logged in and have an account, then you can click on "Learn more", you will see the text and photo clues at the bottom of the page if the hider has entered any ones.

Clues for Painted Rock Hunt

How to update the location of one of my rocks if the finder didn't do it on Fb-Rocks ?

Little tip: if the finder hasn't done it, you can do it for him 😀 You can disconnect, click on "I found a rock" and enter the reference of your rock and its location. Go back to your account, you will see that the trip made by your rock will have been updated !

How to hide a found painted rock ?

You can hide a rock after entering the reference of the rock found by clicking on "hide my find". Otherwise, you can hide it later and in this case, just go to the "my account/my finds" section, look for your rock under the map then click on "hide my find". You can then enter its location by double-clicking on the map (a circle will come to the location of the hinding place) then the text or photo clues.

How to share a rock on social networks ?


You just hid one of your great creations, and you want to share it with the world ? 

Nothing more simple, with Fb-rocks, you can share your rocks on your social networks, or simply by email by copying the link in your message !

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