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Main events in February

Valentine's day - painting rocks

If you are in need of inspiration for your rocks, if you want to make rocks that keep up with the times, this page may give you some ideas 🧐 !

List of the main events of february

  • 4th February : Quebec Carnaval
  • 4th February : World Cancer Day
  • 4 th February : The Carnival of Venice 2023 will take place between February 4 and February 21 in the beautiful city of Venice.
  • 8th February : Safer internet day
  • 10th February : Chinese New Year
  • 14th February : Saint Valentine's Day

 Saint Valentine's Day

  • 17th February : Rio Carnival (to 25th February)
  • 20th February : World Day of Social Justice
  • 21th February : International Mother Language Day

 Some others ideas for painting in february 😉 : 

  • Words beginning with F
  • Skiing/ figure skating/ Luge
  • Mountain

Model for mountain rocks

  • Raclette / tartiflette / fondue
  • Crepe
  • Heart/ tenderness / Love
  • Famous duos
  • Body: the skull
  • Nests

You want to play with us ?

In this website you will find everything you need to paint traveler rocks and have fun !

In the "How to play" tab, you will find :

In the "How to prepare my rock" tab, you will find :



Published : 2024-01-31

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