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Main events in January and some new year's resolutions !

Voeux 2023 citation Jacques brel

If you are in need of inspiration for your rocks, if you want to make rocks that keep up with the times, this page may give you some ideas 🧐 !

List of the main events of january

  • 1 January – Global Family Day. It is celebrated as a day of peace and sharing
  • 1 January – New Year’s Eve

Galet paix Fous du galet

  • 4 January - World Braille Day
  • 10 January -  World Tintin DayGalet tintin - galet peint - trouve mon galet
  • 12 January : Kiss a ginger day
  • 17January : Blue Monday
  • 14 January : Australian Open
  • 21 January : Hugging Day

Some ideas for themes for the month of January :

  • Happy New Year/ Best Wishes

Happy new year Rock painting

  • Good Resolution / Fresh Start
  • Bucket list
  • David Bowie
  • Relaxation/ gymnastics
  • Words beginning with J
  • Crown
  • Colour: Blue
  • Cirque
  • Recycling
  • Positive rocks
  • Astrology/ Signs of the Zodiac
  • Stars/ Constellations

constellation star astronomy on rock for chilid

  • Forest creatures (elves, gnomes)
  • Recipes on rock
  • Eskimos
  • Polar animals (bear, penguin, penguin, fox, wolf, lynx)
  • Landscapes under the snow
  • Cocooning (fireplace, wine and hot chocolate, ...)
  • Eating Healthy
  • Pineapple

Some ideas for New Year's resolutions for a better year !

Setting resolutions can help you get off to a good start in 2023. A new year can be the beginning of you making changes and living the way you've always wanted. Here is some New Year Resolutions you can accomplish In 2023 :

  • Eat Healthier
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Drink More Water
  • Try Meditation / yoga

meditation yoga zen on rock love on the rocks

  • Try A New Recipe Each Week
  • Establish Work-Life Balance
  • Do Random Acts of Kindness
  • Become More Confident
  • Read More Books
  • Make Time For Self Care
  • Let Go Of Toxic People
  • Connect With Old Friends
  • Become more organized
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Start A Journal
  • Create Meaningful Connections
  • Social Media Detox
  • Check-In With Yourself
  • Set Goals For The Year
  • Plan A Vacation
  • Set Boundaries
  • Make Time For Family & Friends
  • Start A Side Hustle
  • Learn A New Hobby
  • Perfect Your Craft
  • Be Mindful
  • Stick To A Sleep Schedule

You want to play with us ?

In this website you will find everything you need to paint traveler rocks and have fun !

In the "How to play" tab, you will find :

- The principle of the game that describes the concept of this international game

- The FbRocks advantage : tracking your rocks and your finds on a map , receiving mail or postcards from the finders, ...

Facebook groups that take over the main facebook groups in the world

Social networks that give interesting tips for using Fb-Rocks

In the "How to prepare my rock" tab, you will find :

Step-by-step : main steps to paint a rock

Painting supplies and equipment (acrylic paint, markers, varnishes) ;

Tutorials to help you paint your rocks


Published : 2024-01-03

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